Malaga-Villanueva de la concepción


villanueva de la concepción


We aim to reach the southern edge of Sierra del Torcal this time. A beautiful cycling route on the foothills of Montes de Málaga, where we’ll see the peculiar watercourses and swamp that
provide water to the capital of the Costa del Sol.

Images and text by Escapada Cycling.

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Starting the trip from the bike hire shop in the city centre, we’ll steer the bike to the busy Avenida de Carlos Haya, the only and shortest way out to reach Puerto de la Torre, also known as the city’s 10th district and the place at which point car traffic decreases and we start to enjoy.

After crossing the small village of “El Cortijuelo”, we’ll begin our climb on the way to Casasola water reservoir. Located in the township of Almogía, it’s the main drinking water source supplying Málaga city and serves as flood defence in the event of heavy rain. It’s supplied by water from river Campanillas, to be seen on the left during the first half of the route.

As soon as we leave the reservoir behind, we will be able to see the river bank and an interesting rock formation known by locals as the “hell’s pool”, named after its rugged landscape and dark
pools of water.

The presence of the Campanillas river has allowed urban settlements since ancient times, specially around the river bank. Nowadays there are a few farms located close to the road so it does no harm to be cautious around this area as we may find some farm animals enjoying their freedom pecking the ground.



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Even though a cycling trip of 80 kilometers with an elevation of 1400 meters may seem too much for some novice riders, the climb never gets too hard, allowing us to keep a good pedalling cadence over the whole stage.

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In order to enjoy this route to the max, we highly recommend riding accompanied by one of our expert cyclists, who will guide you over the confusing streets of Málaga and will help you get first-hand knowledge about the area.


We’ll cycle our way up to see the characteristic shape of Sierra del Torcal, with the small town of Villanueva de la Concepción below. At this point we will be pedalling over the middle part of the track and hence the right time for a coffee stop or simply have a rest, fill up our bidons and stretch our legs. This town, although it has had its ups and downs over the history, has always existed thanks to its strategic location, being part of the camino real (the royal road) that used to connect Málaga with Madrid. Its location also makes it a place of reference when visiting el Torcal.

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Back on the saddle again to follow our journey on the way to Almogía, we’ll encounter an slightly damaged road for a road bike. We shouldn’t worry too much if we keep open eyes as it is a relatively short section. At this point the landscape broadens and let us see the vast fields and the Montes of Málaga we left behind.

Approaching Almogía, we can choose whether we’d like to continue our way downhill or take a little detour into this beautiful town. Its narrow and steep streets will lead us to constitution square in the heart of the town. Around a coffee shop, local people usually gather giving free vent to a busy morning chat show.

From here starts the last downhill part to Málaga, cycling back the steps followed by the first stage of the Saint James’s Mozarabic way, in a beautiful descent that will take us back to the bustling city.

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Javier Marín